Dal [Lentils] is a staple source of protein in most vegetarian Indian household. There are many types of dal we use in various dishes. Lentils are low in carbs, rich in protein and fiber. They also cook easily when pressure cooked. Some lentil types might need to be soaked to cook them to a soft consistency.
This post will be constantly updated linking them to dishes as and when we post them.

Toor Dal or Arhar Dal [Split Pigeon Peas]

Toor Dal

The most common of all dal’s in Indian cooking is toor dal, also known as arhar dal or tuvar dal. This lentil is mid in taste, so they can be used in variety of dishes and usually will blend in with other spices in the dish. They are also one of the easily digestable dal variety. We start infants with arhar or moong dal pani, when introducing dal.


Moong Dal [Mung Beans]

Split Moong Dal

Whole Moong Dal
Moong dal is also commonly used. They are mild in taste, and easy on the stomach. Split moong can be cooked without pressure[for crispier taste], just cover and cook. Whole moong can be sprouted and eaten raw with a pinch of lemon and salt. A very good source of protein.


Urad Dal
The other commonly used lentil in Indian cooking is urad dal. They are the main ingredient in the everyday popular South Indian idli / dosa. They are also used in making vada, kachoidi’s. These are slightly more sticky and starchy as compared to arhar dal.