If you like chinese food, especially dim sums, this one is worth trying. With a huge WARNING though! Expect bad to no service at all. You have to call for basic things like water, plates.. If you happen to dine off peak hours, expect cold food to be served.

Alright, wanted to start the new year on a positive note. Will leave the bashing for another time. Their dim sums [ momos¬† as they call it here ] are awesome. If you like dim sums, you should try their unlimited “Burst Ur Belly” offer for Rs. 150¬† from 11:30 AM to 7:00pm. I pretty much do dim sums with their honey chilli potato starters. I hear their chicken lollipops are pretty good. Main course is nothing out of the blue, but not bad at all. Pretty decent. Overall worth the Rs 150 offer, though I am not sure it is worth ordering off the menu. [We did order off the menu one time and the check was about 1200 for 4 of us. You do the math].