Kadhi is made with curd and a good portion of besan [gram flour]. Gram flour is rich in protein, curd is a good source of calcium. This is a good alternative to dal. A quicker and healthier version of kadhi can be made without the pakoras, by adding some potatoes.


For Pakoras:
1 cup Gram flour.
1/2 cup chopped onion/spinach
1 tsp ajwain.
1 tsp chopped ginger.
1/4 tsp Baking powder.
Chilli powder OR green chillies to taste.
Oil to deep fry the pakoras.
Salt to taste.

For Kadhi:
1 cup curd (yogurt).
1/4 cup gram flour.
1 tsp Fenugreek seeds.
1/2 tsp mustard seeds.
1 tsp turmeric powder.
Pinch of asafetida.
Kari patta.
Dry whole red chili to taste.
2 tbsp oil.
Salt to taste.

To make the pakoras:
Mix all the pakora ingredients and enough water to get it to a slightly thinner than chapati dough.
Make small round balls.
Heat oil in a kadhai and deep fry the small round balls until golden brown.

To make the kadhi:
Beat curd[dahi/yoghurt] nicely to get a smooth consistency.
Mix gram flour to it. Keep blending while adding the gram flour so that no lumps are formed.
Add turmeric and 3 cups of water.
Heat oil in a kadhai.
Add mustard seeds. Once split, add fenugreek, dry red chilli and kari patta.
Stir fry for few seconds, then pour the curd/gram flour mixture on to the hot oil.
Bring it to a boil,all the while constantly stir. Else the curd will split.
Once it starts boiling, simmer and let is cook for 15 minutes. Stir occasionally.
Add pakoras and serve with hot steamed rice.
[Optionally, kadhi can be made with just potatoes. Sautee the potatoe in a little oil and add this to the kahi when it starts boiling. Potatoes will cook in that 15 minutes when kadhi is cooking]