Bathua (White goose-foot) comes in category of greens well known in North India. It looks like the photo below.
Bathua Leaves
It is often cooked like spinach. It has a huge medicinal values as well. Here is one recipe of bathua which i hope you will enjoy!!!!!

Bathua Poori


    2 cups of wheat flour
    1 tablespoon ajvain
    1/2 bunch of bathua
    1 tabelspoon salt
    3-4 green chillies
    Oil for frying


      Remove the leaves of bathua from the stalk and wash nicely.
      Pressure cook the leaves with a single whistle.
      Remove the water and grind it with the green chillies (Do not throw the water).
      Take the wheat flour and add this grinded bathua, salt, ajvain. Make a dough (shown as below) using the left over water while boiling Bathua.
      Bathua atta
      Roll them like puris and deep fry them.
      Serve hot with pickle


      If you do not want to take too much oil, you can make even chapattis of this.