I am big fan of Thai food. The spice, flavor of basil and lemon grass, the taste of coconut milk, everything. My favorite Thai dish of all is their green and red curry followed by the Choo Chee Tofu* dish.

My personal Thai favs in the South Bay area is Krung Thai, followed by Amarin Thai.

Krung Thai:
I have been to TheNewKrungThai and the OrginalKrungThai. Not sure if both are operated under the same management, however, I haven’t found much difference in terms of quality and taste. The new one definitely has more dishes to offer, but I usually stay with the tested vegetarian stuff.

Great lip licking food, quick service, reasonable rates. However the staff is not very friendly. Also, Fridays and weekends are usually very crowded, finding a parking spot is a hassle. Staff and the seating arrangement is not very kid friendly.

Amarin Thai:
I have tried the one in Prospect Road, pretty good food. But I would give it half a star less than Krung Thai. Very friendly service, staff, seating arrangement very kid friendly. I am hearing raving reviews about the Mountain View Amarin Thai restaurant. Must check it out.

The only thing that irks me about Amarin thai is their serving style. I have failed to understand why they serve curries in a tiny bowl with the curry spilling over the bowl into the plate. Traditional?

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* Choo Chee Tofu: Fried tofu and mushrooms sautéed in light red coconut curry sauce with bell peppers, sweet basils & fine kaffir lime leaves.