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By RS + January 29th, 2009

Kadhi (Hindi: कढी) is a traditional North Indian dish like soup that is eaten with rice and roti. It is prepared by mixing chickpea flour (besan), yoghurt and water and cooked over medium heat. North Indian style kadhi is usually spicy and also contains fried chickpea flour and vegetable balls pakoras - Wikipedia

Diet for Diabetics

By RS + January 28th, 2009

Just wanted to jot down few things I learned during the process of supervising diet giving to a family member who is diabetic. A lot of these are applicable to anyone who wishes to eat a healthy and balanced meal, be a diabetic or not.

Burst Ur Belly @ Yo China, Bangalore

By RS + January 5th, 2009

If you like chinese food, especially dim sums, this one is worth trying. With a huge WARNING though! Expect bad to no service at all. You have to call for basic things like water, plates.. If you happen to dine off peak hours, expect cold food to be served.


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